What do Doctors Think About Marijuana?

As most of you know, a lot of information found on the internet nowadays is biased, which makes it hard for marijuana consumers and marijuana enthusiasts to get a better picture of the whole marijuana situation.

The lack of researches and studies on cannabis are a worldwide problem, and this apparently won’t change until marijuana legal status changes in larger scales.

What’s left for most of us is to go after the few scientific information that there is out there and also to listen to the testimony of both healthcare providers and patients under a medical marijuana treatment.

So, here’s a full article about the doctors opinion on marijuana. The good and the bad, about recreational and medical marijuana.

What do doctors think about marijuana for medical use?

Medical marijuana is what you know as marijuana that is recommended by a healthcare provider to their patients in order to treat medical conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, glaucoma, depression, and many others.

There’s a whole community of patients who rely on this type of medicine to be able to perform their daily activities, such as working and studying. Medical marijuana has a wide range of medicinal properties which unfortunately hasn’t been properly studied, because of the drug’s legal status.

Like with everything in this world, there are people who are in favor of medicinal marijuana and people who aren’t.

Dr. Rachna Patel, a medical marijuana doctor believes that “medical marijuana far exceeds pharmaceutical drugs in providing symptom relief.”

She wrote that she has seen many patients who stopped using pharmaceuticals medication and started using marijuana alone. According to Dr. Patel, her patients testified they have seen an improvement in their overall quality of life, from the work environment to romantic relationships.

The doctor believes that medical cannabis is meant to be used judiciously under the care of a healthcare provider. “To obtain optimal benefits and to avoid adverse effects, patients need specific instructions on what type of marijuana to use, how much of it to use and how often to use it,” she wrote.

Eric Cadesky, president of Doctors of B.C and a family physician is not that much of a fan of cannabis for medicinal use since he said most of the doctor’s concerns is that the drug’s benefits and side effects are still unknown by the medical community.

“There are other treatments we know well, are well-studied and we know how to give them, we don’t know that about cannabis,” said Cadesky.

What do doctors think about marijuana for recreational use?

If medical marijuana is not that esteemed by the medical community, imagine what are their thoughts on recreational marijuana. Gail Beck, the clinical director of youth psychiatry at The Royal shared the doctors concern with marijuana legalization in Canada.

“We’re saying, ‘please keep the public-health focus front of mind as this the legislation is unrolled, lots of people think this is harmless” said Beck. Probably one of the doctors biggest preoccupation is with addiction. They believe cannabis is a risk for young adults, creating disorder territory that starts causing dysfunction in these teenagers marijuana consumers daily life, messing up these teenage commitments to school or work and family, said Dr. Grant, the author of the Canadian Pediatric Society’s stance statement on cannabis.

Dr. Grant is also worried about the connection between mental illness and marijuana consumption. According to him, there’s not enough information about safe doses of cannabis. “We don’t know the lower limit that’s safe,” warned Dr. Grant. “There’s no evidence to say, yeah, use it once, use it twice and nothing will happen.” Dr. Charles Bollmann, who works at BareSkinCare.com, believes that marijuana affects people on many levels, including emotionally, professionally and spiritually.

“Marijuana for recreational purposes decreases ones drive to achieve anything. I have a personal friend who has never achieved her potential due to marijuana use, and she freely admits it. She was dismissed from her job as a university professor. Her friends who were also users at the time never amounted to anything, either, wrote Dr. Bollmann to Quora.

On the other hand, there are those doctors who are in favor of marijuana legalization, both for medical and recreational use.

Nathaniel P. Morris, a resident physician in specializing in mental health at the Stanford University School of Medicine, believes there’s no reason for categorizing marijuana as a Schedule I Drug.

We don’t see cannabis overdoses. We don’t order scans for cannabis- related brain abscesses. We don’t treat cannabis-induced heart attacks. In medicine, marijuana use is often seen on par with tobacco or caffeine consumption—something we counsel patients about stopping or limiting, but nothing urgent to treat or immediately life-threatening, wrote Morris.

Morris said the biggest concerns of healthcare providers are people dying in accidents because of alcohol, people overdosing from opioids, violent patients due to crystal meth use and many other life-threatening situations for both drug abusers and people around them.

And does he worry about cannabis? “With marijuana? Not so much” he concluded.…

Vinegar Pie

“Personification: Attributing human characteristics to something non-human.”

Example: The sun smiled down on the field of wildflowers.

School teaches us the word for giving objects human qualities–personification. But what about the word for having emotions toward inanimate objects? I have a long, embarrassing history of becoming too attached or adverse to such: my parents often remind me of the time I cried when they disposed of their old, brown refrigerator; I have held a vendetta toward Miracle Whip for trying to be as delicious as mayonnaise for multiple years; in my desk drawer is a Barbie cherry chapstick from elementary school that I have rationed since.

Vinegar Pie

One Saturday afternoon I visited the crowded supermarket and made my way to the refrigerated section. There were multiple people surrounding the eggs, which I also needed. While waiting my turn, I noticed that all of the patrons were gravitating toward the 99 cent cartons, leaving the beautiful brown eggs abandoned in the corner. Ever since I have only bought brown eggs. Do these eggs have feelings, or are their manufacturers struggling for business? Not in the slightest, but for some odd reason, I feel bad that these eggs are usually ignored by the general public. [My decision to buy cage-free eggs is another discussion altogether.]

Similarly, as I was perusing the September/October 2013 edition of Wiregrass Living Magazine, I came across a recipe for Vinegar Pie. My first thought, along with probably every other reader, was,“Wow, that sounds disgusting.” But then I began to reconsider.

This pie recipe probably gets passed over every holiday season, for who would choose to make a vinegar pie over pumpkin or pecan? Because of its unfortunate name, I was determined to try it and was pleased to find that the directions were simple and the ingredients already in my pantry.

The final product resulted in something similar to a chess pie, but less sweet. The apple cider vinegar lends a citric taste to the filling, which works well with a buttery, flaky crust. Vinegar Pie is a perfect dessert for last-minute company, or just for those nights where a slice of pie is a must.

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  • 1 9-inch homemade or store-bought pie crust
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter melted
  • 3 eggs beaten well
  • 3 tablespoons half-and-half
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar


  • Place crust in prepared pie dish.
  • Sift together sugar, flour, and salt in a small bowl.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, butter, and cream. Add sugar mixture, stirring well. Add apple cider vinegar, stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon until thick and smooth. Pour filling into crust.
  • Place pie on the bottom rack of the oven. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. Reduce heat to 325 and bake until edges rise and center is fairly firm about 35 to 45 minutes. Place on a cooling rack and serve at room temperature.

Coffee Maker Excellence – Three That Stand Out From the Crowd

Excellence – Coffee Trois this position of the old coffee Mills crowd are outside fort on decorative shelves in many local restaurants, which reminds once passed, when the consumer would be roasted, then shred their own coffee beans to prepare the perfect coffee without employment means electrical manufacturers of coffee cup. Although this practice and the idea began in the past, he is currently a huge back as more and more to develop and refine their definition of a single and satisfactory to return to a greater degree of excellence in their experience coffee cup.

Coffee Maker Excellence – Three That Stand Out From the Crowd

If anything coffee begins the morning than to sit in the leisure best, Cup of China coffee in hand, and examine the tasks of the day we would all that this cut hot and humid coffee to be the best that it can be. To achieve this level of perfection, the consumer needs to access the latest technology in coffee-makers, is a standard method of form, lower concussionnaire old, one under the saviour of the Cabinet or a space more modern express machine, it is important and appropriate research and read consumers as well as the manufacturer feedback.

Many of the coffee makers now have the ability to grind the coffee beans fresh until the infusion process begins. Models like the Grind timeline DGB and prepare-300 comes with a 3-year warranty and is the first manufacturer auto decline with a blade coffee grinder coffee in a combined machine. Another similar unit is the bet brand outside by Café M., their GBX23 is a corvée and prepare and has the ability to be programmable and deliver 12 full of coffee cups.

Other adds to the experience of the coffee house list is the ability to buy and use your personal data clean machines Express. These small sweet inventions enable the individual to explore their coffee at the same time in a new path together experience and money economy. For a great way to begin the EC155 DeLonghi machine is relatively little expensive, very strong and it is easy to use. This machine was also recorded in the revisions of the Maison du Bon as the best tasting express.…

Coffee Maker Reviews For You

Manufacturer of coffee examines, can help you conduct coffee General views manufacturer in the right direction to find the pot of coffee good for you. Good discovered coffee manufacturer that can meet your needs and the level with the levels in the coffee that provides the box, to be really challenged.

Fortunately, is on the rise, online a large number of consumers and the expert opinion of this to you push in the right direction can help you. Coffee, General views put mechanically, it is some Tabellen-tips so some brands of coffee makers occur. If you look for manufacturers of the coffee house, you learned about from.

Coffee Maker Reviews For You

Most of these enterprises innovative products that get mechanical views General large Brown Café, Keurig, Capresso, choose timeline Krups, DeLonghi, Gevalia, Melitta, as many others. General manufacturer of coffee as a show that each of these marks, views sound has particular offerings of this contest.

Chart – coffee makers Café bat, as manufacturer checks, help, you call this supremely product Tassimo one of Braun Brown. Tassimo is a manufacturer of innovative coffee chestnut. Instead of using why coffee or pods, the product that it Brown Tassimo, coffee uses Tassimo-Scheiben which is also called T-disks.

These issues of coffee Scheiben-step rises in the water level. Instead of this, they are real disks that contain the data along with some drinks to prepare. Reads the chestnut simply for manufacturers of coffee Tassimos it the data and the preparation of the coffee from him. The views of one of the most innovative products, a general product name that closely.

Keurig also has great products that also get great general views as the B60. The B60 is a product becomes large known for he could prepare a good tasty coffee, and because its user to the home designed useful characteristics. Said the high-level perspective, that of Keurig has a good collection of exceptional House cafes decision-makers.

If you check out Capresso, General views will tell you that the best product is again the MT500. This product really falls which is one of the reasons why it is everywhere popular coffee manufacturer. reduction in autumn by the fall in coffee makers are enjoyed for its remarkable coffee taste. But the MT500 has a thermal decanter, but to keep it warmly of lowest, an LCD with backlight, and a level with the soft buttons. Although the product is rather expensive, said General view, purchase it is.

JustCoffeeMaker.Com has a very detailed comparison of the Ninja Coffee Bar Models on the website.

As Worther to timeline, there a lot of great products that are not surprised, because they hold title to one of the best and most trusted home kitchen equipment manufacturers. But if coffee than ferments occurs positively, Krups can help you find for less that you are looking for. Manufacturers of coffee Krups are often checked for their innovative character and the production of the excellent coffee, also for the quality of coffee manufacturers itself. The company most estimated due to the permanence of sound, has also produced a large collection of the coffee manufacturer to share, and clever models.

DeLonghi is a brand that still impresses consumers and criticism of another master. Their characteristic is the best collection of coffee makers that produce. Appears DeLonghi she has, she sees this mode manufacturer coffee Sie, positively template for you. Gevalia becomes especially known for its thermal coffee manufacturers as well as their manufacturers double coffee, on the other hand. These manufacturers of coffee have separate two large cups that can contain 12 of them highlights each of cut us, so the coffee manufacturer can produce in all 24 cups.

Melitta is also another master of the coffee manufacturer. General look Smart Melitta and prepare one of the best costume society viewpoints. This product can grind the coffee beans, and the after in a process.

More-Möglichkeiten choose had been liquidated in SI, that you look for a good coffee, coffee, manufacturers that general mechanical viewpoints will take you no doubt to these brands and models, the brassins. But you need more possibilities, you can also check product of Black & Decker and Bunn, requirements. They have some models also allow manufacturers of coffee filter it really great that manufacturers of coffee service, individual crack and prepare coffee, manufacturers and mehrfache pack-Kaffee decision-makers.…

Finding the Best Home Coffee Maker

To choose the best coffee – find the best coffee house of tea you consider buying a pot of coffee, there are several different types of this choice. Please read Nespresso vs Keurig: A Quick Guide to Picking Your Pod Partner for more coffee varieties available.

In addition to fresh coffee – has found or beans – pots of coffee many works by using the shell of coffee ESE (a flat disk of ground in the document filter coffee beans). Some require the capsules are generally manufactured plastic or failed, and they are about the size and shape of UHT milk help individual cartons.

Pods and capsules – which will include true coffee – may be more expensive than fresh coffee, but they are really easy to work with. A large number of systems to express take the ground coffee you can find markets successfully.

On foodstuffs food on the one hand properly, you may reach a mill to express and beans of the corvée in your own home. To use recent ground coffee beans can enhance the taste, but the pré-agent coffee is acceptable to the majority of the Palace.

Finding the Best Home Coffee Maker

decision-makers Standard A certain number of express much coffee makers have a motor-powered pump to force exact level of water needed for an express through a thermo-chambre as fire immediately block, then the strengths of water him through the gourmet coffee. In most cases, they produce 10 to 19 bars pressure.

However, you can also obtain more accessible machines pressure in the work of the visit to approximately 3-5 bars of pressure.

Choose a pot of coffee which is the ground coffee give you more choices and it ya many possibilities for costs.

Bean modest if coffee in the Cup that you want to be the coolest coffee, a pot of coffee granules to Cup could perhaps be the choice machines.

Much appropriate beans pots of coffee mugs are automatic – you add just that express and machine beans shred and measure and crushing it the amount required by the touch of a button. You do not need to use a filter exists – the coffee pot made work together.

Bean pots of coffee mugs are generally more expensive than standard drawings and they are usually strong. However, they are easy to use and make good coffee.

capsule coffee makers capsule coffee machines are very hot. They provide the express Group technical age welcome – and those of us who are as some ways of living quite busy. As an alternative to clutter the back around of the coffee grinding, you just put in a pre-packed containing coffee for the camera, press a button and wait for the express permission of usually grow out of the spout.

coffee dish systems is friendly and nice and clean, easy and there ya many selections of many below the $ 400. Quality may vary however, so the pot of coffee audit reviews to ensure you buy the machine.

The underside as the primary is usually at the top as many leaders of the dish using 1 capsule style (for example, Nespresso, Gusto Dolce). Moreover, the coffee you will have a machine capsule is expensive.

further to take into consideration when counts go in recognition for a manufacturer of coffee * weight and class according to their size before buying, look at the location where you keep your coffee machine. If you intend to put away far, check, is outside of it really light enough to carry comfortably. When you choose a particularly large model, locate a store House give shipping.

* Trays drop that all these factors need to be complicated to raise just above and to elevate closed. Without stain steel trays need polishing with cleaning.

* The rigidity of the filtration system of took it when you are in the store, locate if you can comfortably go and take the filter of it took of the coffee maker. Where you find it difficult, a coffee machine Capsule could be much better for you.

* Capacity for those who do sometimes coffee capsules or dip pots are really useful – they return at once and in addition to a measure expenditure of food for many months.

Choice selection of coffee to try with your machine it is countless coffee coffee blends, you can buy specialized sellers that you power has chosen.

Have a way of the machine that you are capable of expressing to try flavours as well as the roasts find mixture that responds to your current style. Several express collections have 15% of Robusta that help to build a large (foam) cream and add to the intensity decision-makers.

Espresso need that creates the ideal to allow the ideal pressure balance of water moving through the finely ground coffee. When you have a coffee grinder, make them extra fine grinding.…